Being present to the pain that someone is enduring is important for that person and for the witness. Hope and the possibility for change can grow from the horror of reality.


My prayer response:

Christ, As I drive through the poorer neighborhoods of Lima, my heart feels sad and discouraged as I see the suffering of so many. I know that You care about each of these people and about their collective experience. Help me, a woman of great privilege, to feel the pain of their suffering and to let it change me in the ways that You want.


Biblical touchstones:

  • Then God said, “I have observed the misery of my people who are in Egypt; I have heard their cry on account of their taskmasters. Indeed, I know their sufferings… Exodus 3:7
  • He was despised and rejected by others; a man of suffering and acquainted with infirmity; and as one from whom others hide their faces he was despised, and we held him of no account. Isaiah 53:3
  • If one member suffers, all suffer together with it… 1 Corinthians 12:26

Invitation to prayer:
What prayers are emerging from your heart, mind, and body?
Pray them now.


Photo: Statue of Jesus after his torture. Lima Cathedral, Peru


One comment

  • Wow, your photo and thoughts touched my heart in a special way this morning. It made me feel not alone in my suffering. Thank you, Jill


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