Visions of Mary (9): Devotion

A French ecumenical group that studied Mary suggests that if you are Protestant, it may be helpful to ask Jesus to further introduce you His mother. If you are Catholic or Orthodox, it may be useful to ask Mary to help you know Jesus better.

One of the donors of the window, Marguerite of Lèves, prays before a statue of Jesus and Mary

My prayer
Jesus, please help me to know your mother in a fuller way.

Scriptural Touchstone:
Then Jesus went down with Mary and Joseph and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them. His mother treasured all these things in her heart. Luke 2:51 (NRSV)

Jesus standing on Mary’s lap blessing

Invitation to Pray:
Do you want to know Jesus or Mary better? Ask the other to help you do so. Communicate your prayer with your body, mind, heart, voice, or imagination.

The two male donors looking toward Mary and Jesus

These images were all taken from the window of St. Margaret and St. Catherine at Chartres Cathedral in France. The photos of the donors, including Marguerite of Lèves praying, (above, top) is found in the Preface of Visions of Mary: Art, Devotion, and Beauty at Chartres Cathedral (page xxiii).

St. Margaret and Catherine window

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Visions sitting on the edge of the well in the crypt at Chartres (photo: Michelle Campbell)

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