Water: In Life & Death

“From dust to dust” is no more true than “From water to water.”

Lazarus’s body prepared for burial

We are made of the same elements as the rest of our planet. We are water, we need water, and water is a part of how we express our deepest feelings.

Mourners crying at the funeral of Lazarus

Many Christian funerals include aspersion, the sprinkling of water over the body of the deceased, reminding us of their baptism and God’s ever-present love.

The officiant sprinkling the body with holy water

My Prayer:

Help me to see the interconnectedness of the water that animates my body, that springs up from the earth, that falls from the heavens, and that flows through all creation.

Invitation to Prayer:

How can your remembrance of your baptism (if you have one) and/or your awareness of the sacredness of water draw you into prayer for yourself, our world, and all who live here together?

Scriptural Touchstone:
You visit the earth and water it, you greatly enrich it; the river of God is full of water. Psalm 65:9 NRSV


These images are from the depiction of Lazarus’s funeral (upper right). They are in the Mary Magdalene stained glass window at Chartres Cathedral in France (1205-15).

To Understand the Image Better
The Funeral of Lazarus in the Magdalene Window

Watch A Short Video from the Chartres Cathedral (Changes Daily During Lockdown 2020)

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Jill K H Geoffrion

Serving as a contemplative Christian minister and artist by compassionately and creatively inspiring others to seek a deeper relationship with God and a more meaningful life of service.



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